Licorice and Mulligans

The morning was cool and clear.  Golf carts were being prepped, score cards affixed, and banners hung.  Players were filing in and casual chit-chat was being made.

The 4th Annual Sports Medicine Golf Tournament was about to begin.  As our illustrious leader was laying down the rules the real work was being done behind the scenes.  Sponsor signs were being placed at holes, coolers were being loaded with cold, refreshing beverages, licorice and mulligans had been sold and were getting packed up for sales on the course, and Big Red (that’s what I’m gonna call my maintenance wagon that I got to use) was fueled and ready to go.

So with the tournament under way and golfers quickly making their way to their preassigned starting points, I got Big Red loaded with the cold drinks, licorice, mulligans, and my assistant, and after the compulsory tire check, headed out to vend my wares.

Naturally, blazing around a golf course in a big red cart is pure enjoyment.  The wind blowing in your face, dodging golf balls, forging rivers, (okay, it was a small stream) and a bunch of golfers cheerfully waving as you screamed by was great fun.  I did find out later that apparently the golfers weren’t cheerfully waving; they were spewing obscenities.  I guess you’re supposed to wait till the swing is over!  Apparently it’s common courtesy or something called “etiquette”.

I also found out that after someone makes a rather poor shot it is not the most appropriate time to ask if they would like to purchase a mulligan to try another shot or perhaps an extra piece of licorice or two to move them closer to the hole.  At the end of the day I looked forward to congratulating the team that had scored the most points, but for some reason they weren’t very excited about breaking 100!

But it was all in fun and it was to help out the kids of the local high schools.  The Sports Medicine Classic is a fun and outgoing way that Mountainland brings local sponsors, coaches, physicians, and friends together in order to help the Tooele area high schools.  100% of all the money raised at the tournament goes directly to the athletic departments of Tooele, Grantsville, and now Stansbury High Schools! The money raised during this event has gone toward such things as: purchasing new equipment, paying for travel fees, and ensuring our schools are provided with proper sports medicine equipment.  This year we had a great turn out of nearly 100 golfers consisting of area boosters, parents, business owners, physicians, and friends of the programs.  MLRehab was also greatly represented with our own Mark Anderson leading the way on the links followed by the local PT crew, members of the executive management, recruiting, human resources, marketing, and even a few physical therapists from the Salt Lake and Kaysville groups.

We were able to raise more money this year than previous ones and every one had a great time.  Especially me!

We look forward to doing it again next year and you can count on one thing: Big Red and I will be there to provide beverages, licorice, and mulligans, and maybe even a little etiquette!!