Gentlemen Only Ladies Fo....

There is a pastime known the world over.  It may not be as American as apple pie, but droves of people flock to large expanses of green grass dotted with a mere 18 small holes dug ceremoniously into patches of well groomed turf resembling the noggins of newly recruited military enrollees.  A Siren call to all who fall victim to its wile’s; it goes by many names: Saturday morning tee time, day out with the pals, some even like to call it “Marketing”.  Hey, whatever works.

I’m pretty sure the 18 holes gave it away; but yes, I am talking about golf.  A game thought up by some Scots way back before Columbus sailed the ocean blue.  Whether you play golf to relax, to get outside, to get away from certain peo….stuff, to make money, or you simply hate those little white balls and would like to take every opportunity to beat them senseless, there is almost always a course within a driver’s distance.  In some places you may have to break out Big Bertha though. 

Way back in 1682 the first tournament was held, and in keeping with the long standing tradition, the 5th Annual Sports Medicine Golf Tournament was recently held here in our very own Tooele!!

This tournament is held to raise money for the athletic departments of the local high schools – Tooele, Stansbury, and Grantsville.

With the help of a whole boatload of sponsors, this year’s tournament was a great success.  Almost 100 players participated this year.  The first place prize was narrowly won by Dr. Belton from Mountain West Orthopedics and his team.  There was a draw between him and Norma Pitt of Pitt Auto fame and her team of illustrious golfers.  The winner was determined using some kind of handicap hole thingy that I’m sure everyone in the golfing world will understand.  I was kind of hoping for a duel of 9 irons but oh well.

Once again the big red wagon made its rounds with loads of licorice, mulligans, and cold, refreshing beverages for the masses.  The weather was perfect, sun shining, a few clouds out, and a slight breeze, that depending on who you asked, blew ferociously right when they were hitting over the water hazard.  “I got a mulligan for sale! I’m just sayin’”.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for supporting us and helping make this tournament even better than last year’s – Mountain Land Physical Therapy, Mountain West Medical Center, Mountain West Orthopedics, Americom, Layton Construction, Western States Mechanical, Cargill Salt, Tooele Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Tooele County Chamber of Commerce, Tooele City, Mike Sellers Realty, Rosewood Dental, Mountain West Worx, Birch Family Pharmacy, Heritage West Credit Union, Oxygen For You, Steadman’s Recreation, Utah Grizzlies, Harmony Home Health,, R.W.B. Sod, Todd McFarland, Gar Forman, Clint Robinson, Bea Strong, Rick Nelson, Tooele Transcript Bulletin, Wal-Mart, CAL Ranch, Albertson’s, Macey’s, Thomas Photography, APG Customs, Utah Jazz, Bargain Buggy, Miller Motorsports, Pepsi, and Coke.  We also want to thank Chris Scott and all the staff up at Oquirrh Hills Golf Course for making things run as smoothly as they did.  Be sure to check out our website for pictures and to see who helped us out –

And just in case you were wondering about the acronym for GOLF, most people have it wrong; it has nothing to do with a certain gender being excluded from playing the game; heck, we had an all-girl team almost take the whole thing.  It stands for Gentlemen Only after Ladies go First!!

See you again next year!